In view of the changing security scenario, we are experiencing globally due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still raging, and the global trends affecting the security and stability of nations. Within the framework of the GPSP initiative, a School on the Oversight of Security Sector training course was organized with an online and a face-to-face phase. The School on Oversight of Security Sector is a training program for researchers and practitioners interested to learn how civil society can keep security institutions (police, military, intelligence services, private security) accountable. It is a unique program delivered by a group of experienced civil society practitioners who have made an impact in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and MENA gathered around the Global Partnership for Security and Peace (GPSP).  The main motivation for organizing this training program is to promote the sustainability and strengthening of democracy, by supporting new leaders ready to systematically address the issue of security governance and its exploitation for the narrowing space for political competition, civic participation, and progress towards greater social equality.

Objective A

Establish the foundations of practices, networking, and common agenda that will help the course to be successful in promoting a new generation of practitioners that work together, as a community, to achieve the transformative actions needed about the security sector and its institutional democratic development.

Objective B

Strengthen civil society's capacity in the critical areas of security, defense, and gender

Objective C

Promote cooperation and collaboration with cross-regional partners and create a network with organizations working on the same or similar issues and subjects.