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The Global Partnership for Security and Peace is an international global community of practise comprising a multitude of experts hailing from diverse organisations from across 5 different regions

All participating members have different skills, expertise and experience and they therefore have a unique perspective to offer the rest of the team. Ultimately, the community was founded upon the concept of allowing different organisations to share their experience of best practises from working within the security sector.

The origins of the Global Partnership for Security and Peace (GPSP) are rooted in a project undertaken by RESDAL in 2017. The project focused on strengthening civil society capacities in the key areas of security, defence and security sector reform. It was framed within the context of South-South cooperation which consequently allowed RESDAL to share Latin America’s experience with other regions, with a core focus on Latin America’s best practices and successful experiences in the field. Thereafter, a series of different workshops were held in Panama, Argentina and then Liberia, Malaysia and Morocco with participants from civil society organisations (CSO) based in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. These consisted of disseminating different experiences in the field, visits to state institutions dedicated to security and defence and exchanging ideas about strengthening the capacity of CSOs in security sector reform through cooperation and knowledge exchange. Each successful experience paved the way for RESDAL to expand the project to include more objectives, topics and participants in the subsequent workshops.